Born on 19th September 1952 at Murree, Pakistan, completed his Masters Degree in Political Science, Master’s Degree (Prev) in International Relations & Law Degree (LLB) form Karachi University (Pakistan) in 1974.
Soon after completing education started business as Founder Director by incorporating a company in 1974 manufacturing Fashion Garments with exports to Europe & Japan & by virtue of in-depth working experience became Fashion garment Designer. During the process, this business was converted into Military Uniforms & Webbing & equipment manufacturing & supplies.
Business kept on growing in multiple Directions, until 1978, when another company was Co-founded for the manufacturing of Plastics Toys & for the first time in Pakistan’s History Plastic Tricycle for children was introduced, which became the most popular product throughout Pakistan.
Operations & production of this company were converted into indigenous production of Military Hardware the same year & the company got engaged in the state of the art manufacturing of major components for Rockets, Missiles, and Arms & Ammunition.
In 1984 Mian Abrar Ahmad Also founded as Chairman & Chief Executive, Ahmad Group (Pvt) Ltd., (www.ahmadgroup.co & www.ahmadgrouppk.com) Engaged in worldwide Trading of Plants, Machinery & Equipment, Power Tools, while further diversifying business by formally introducing in Pakistan the concept of imports &

supplies of Battery Operated (Golf) Cars for multiple applications including use in Golf Clubs – besides this Ahmad Group also specializes in the trading of Military Hardware.
Having inbuilt Entrepreneurial Capabilities Mian Abrar Ahmad Founded as Chairman & Chief Executive in 2004 Polymers Engineering (Pvt) Ltd., (www.polymerspk.com) being engaged in the manufacturing of Start of the Art Military Hardware specialized components besides being engaged in the production of specialized Polymers & Reinforced polymers components for Trade & Industry. Mian Abrar Ahmad is the former President of Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry the world’s 8Th Largest chamber of commerce & Industry. Visit Mian Abrar Ahmad on Google for his complete profile.

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